Read Mary Aileen's 2020 Ballot Statement

In her ongoing commitment to public service, Mary Aileen is once again seeking re-election for the Board of Directors of the Irvine Ranch Water District (District 4) on November 3, 2020.

Read her Candidate Statement below:

Good friends, I once again turn to you and ask for your support in my 2020 Election to the Board of Directors of the Irvine Ranch Water District. It has been my honor to serve as President this year. I have watched the District succeed in developing new infrastructure to improve the processes of delivering water and ensuring a reliable supply.

This year has been especially challenging to the Water industry. We not only faced the issue of PFOS/ PFAS contaminants that required special treatment, but the COVID-19 pandemic required a total new emphasis in customer service to ensure the public had confidence that the District was responding to their concerns and assuring them our water was safe.

The General Manager and his Executive staff worked effectively to preserve the safety of our employees and respond to the health concerns of our rate payers.

I am a member of The California Bar and The Orange County Bar. I am an Honorary Director for Life of The California Association of Realtors. As a longtime resident of the City of Irvine, I am active in the community and understand local issues. I appreciate your support and ask for your vote in 2020.


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